About Rams FC

Based in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, Rams FC is a 501 (c)(3) Non Profit Corporation guided by the men’s soccer coaches from the University of Rhode Island. The Goal of Rams FC is to offer the highest level of quality training while promoting the development of life skills in a competitive and challenging environment. Rams FC focuses on player development and competitive goals, through intelligent decision making, responsibility, commitment and the pursuit of excellence.

Rams FC looks to fields teams in  U10-U18 boys and girls age groups.


Rams Football Club is a premier level youth soccer organization recognized and sanctioned by the state governing body Soccer Rhode Island. Its primary purpose is to develop players in the State of Rhode Island through Technical and Tactical Training session, Competitive Competition through leagues and tournaments, participation in training academies, clinics and camps.

RAMS FC is intended to be a regionally competitive Premier Soccer Club. This distinction allows the club to focus its resources and better serve the top-level Rhode Island soccer player.

Teams will be fielded under RAMS FC banner on a per age group basis.  Teams will compete as RAMS FC only at ages where it is deemed appropriate based on age and the pool of available players.

RAMS FC will employ a unified staff approach with its teams. This means that while each team is assigned a head and assistant coach, players may be trained by other staff coaches through the year, helping to round out their understanding of the game and generate a true club atmosphere.

RAMS FC will also provide an integrated training environment for players. At times those consecutive age group teams will train and compete side by side. This not only helps players to learn from older, more experienced players but it also helps teach younger players through guided discovery.  It also allows the club to train within an 11 v 11 format, facilitating functional training and controlled scrimmages for competition preparation.

During special events (Super Y-League, Sub-Regional League, premier tournaments and “friendlies”) and when appropriate, advanced players in their age group may be invited by the RAMS FC staff to play “up” with older teams, furthering their development by forcing them to deal with faster, stronger and more experienced opponents. This will be done ONLY when the coaching staff deems it appropriate and not at the request of a player or their family.

FALL SEASON: (Mid November-Late December)

Following the ending of middle and high school soccer ALL Rams FC teams will resume technical training via the Fall Academy Program.  Soccer development, as we all know, is a year round process, technical training will be offered on a selected night starting in mid November ending late December at URI.  The Academy Program is open to all youth players whether members of RAMS FC or not but is a vital part of the Rams FC training program. In addition, Rams FC teams will train one additional night outside for as long as weather allows. Rams teams U13 and below will have the option of taking part in the Northeast Soccer League (“NSL”) as well as determined by the coaching staff.

Christmas Break: (Late December – Early January)

We encourage athletes of all ages during this time to have an off-season. All teams will have a few weeks off at the conclusion of the Nov/Dec Academy Program and so in cooperation with this fact and the recognition of family holiday commitments, our players will not be scheduled to train or play during this time with the exception of individual team tournament commitments.

WINTER SEASON: (Early January – Mid-March)

Training sessions during the winter months will be arranged at night at the University of Rhode Island, Wide World of Indoor Sports South, local schools and appropriate indoor venues.  We understand athletes may play other sports during the winter and may conflict with our training schedule. Communication with the team coach/administrator will be of the utmost importance at this time of the year. Team training will begin after the holidays in January and will typically be offered 1-2 times per week dependent on availability of facilities. Participation in state indoor leagues and tournaments will be arranged at the consultation of the coaching staff and only if appropriate to the development of the team.

In addition to our Winter team training, Rams FC players will also take part in our Winter Academy Program that is run by the URI Men’s soccer coaching staff. This program is also open to non Rams FC members..

SPRING SEASON: (Mid-March – Early June)

Team training in preparation for the spring season begins in March as the weather allows. Teams will train 2 times per week on established training days on the University of Rhode Island campus or at other locations at weather conditions and seasonal operations allow. Our teams will be held to a high standard of commitment and performance, and will train extensively during this time as this is the main competitive season. Teams will play in a sanctioned competitive league, the level of which will be determined by the coaching staff of the respective teams so that the players will be challenged and not overwhelmed. Historically our teams have played in the NSL, Northeast Regional league, MASC and/or the USYSA Sub-regional League. In addition, our teams take part in several  regional-level tournaments around the Eastern part of the country, the Rhode Island State Cup, and the USYSA Region I Tournament of Champions. Annual tryouts for the age group teams will occur in June or beginning of July dependent on the status of specific teams in the Rhode Island state cup or Region I Tournament of Champions.

SUMMER SEASON: (July – August)

During the summer and following tryouts, RAMS FC teams will have the option of continuing to train and enter tournaments. These decisions will be based on both coaching and player availability. The schedule of training will be adjusted to accommodate not only family vacations and the University of Rhode Island affiliated coaches commitment to the men’s soccer program in terms of recruiting, camp and preparation for the upcoming season.