What is the Association between Rams FC and URI Men’s Soccer?

Rams FC was taken over by the University of Rhode Island men’s soccer staff in 2006 and organized as a fundraiser for the program. URI men’s head coach Gareth Elliott (President and Director of Coaching) oversees the organization and implementation of the club. In addition, each member of the URI Men’s soccer staff play a role in the Rams FC program. Their first responsibility is to the URI men’s soccer program and success of this highly competitive NCAA Division I soccer program but with full knowledge that they influence Rams FC and youth soccer in the Rhode Island in a way which is unparalleled in college soccer.

Rams FC and URI men’s soccer work hand in hand to benefit each other. The club and it’s players have access to knowledge and experienced coaches, get to interact with high quality college players on a regular basis and utilize the Kingston campus for training and competition.

In turn URI men’s soccer impacts the development of youth soccer in Rhode Island, builds and maintains a fan base for Rhody soccer and develops relationships in the community which assist in the success of the URI men’s soccer program both on and off the field. Without URI men’s soccer there would be no Rams FC and that is something that is not taken lightly by anyone who involved.

Why is Rams FC a good fit for you?

Rams FC is for the serious soccer player who is looking for a challenge and to improve throughout the year. The club expects that Rams FC players and families are committed to the calendar of events set forth for the club. We have worked hard to design a year round program which takes into account holidays and family commitments and that those involved will make adjustments to get the maximum out of training and games.

The club seeks to attract the best youth soccer players of the highest ability but not at the detriment of the individual player, the team or the club in general. Rams FC’s player-development philosophy looks for success beyond the soccer field and promotes responsibility and the development of life skills necessary for the players’ future lives.

What does Rams FC offer its’ players?

Rams FC offers and promises three things to its players and parents.

1. Quality coaching

2. A superior training environment

3. A club philosophy that emphasizes “development” of the player on and off the field

Quality Coaching: Rams FC provides professional coaching led by the staff and players of the University of Rhode Island men’s soccer program. The club’s president Gareth Elliott is a nationally recognized coach who possesses the highest level of coaching certification with the United States Soccer Federation and the National Soccer Coaches Association of America. In addition to Coach Elliott, the rest of the URI Men’s soccer staff select and oversee the coaching staff, the majority of which are associated with URI men’s soccer as former players or supporters. They look for head and assistant coaches who believe in what Rams FC represents and assign them to appropriate age group teams so they can bring out the best in their players win, lose or draw. The coaching staff uses a collective approach to training, sharing similar methods and techniques in order to keep continuity and consistency of play throughout the club. Rams FC coaches are selectively chosen for their knowledge of the game as well as their ability to work with and relate to young athletes.

Superior Training Environment: Rams FC’s training facilities are conveniently located on the campus of the University of Rhode Island in Kingston. The club has access to outdoor soccer fields, indoor training facilities in Keaney Gym during the Winter as well as during our Academy Program. In addition,  Rams FC has access to the Wide World of Indoor Sports’ brand new facility located in North Kingstown.

Developmental Philosophy: At Rams FC the development of the player and team is the priority, but along with it we believe that winning will follow. The training and competition the club provides is of the utmost quality and with the entire club working towards developing skills beyond those used between the white lines of a soccer field. Success in the classroom, commitment, responsibility in the community and respectful behavior as members of Rams FC are reinforced by the coaches and through the University of Rhode Island men’s soccer players during training and in competition.

The clubs decisions made by the soccer professionals in the club and guided by this developmental philosophy taking into consideration the best interested of the players, the teams and the club.

What is the practice and playing schedule like?

Teams will generally practice two times per week and play games on the weekend. Scrimmages with local teams can also occur during a gap in a competitive schedule as well as on training days. Teams have the ability to play in select tournaments chosen with each individual teams competitive goals and abilities in mind. The number and location of tournaments our teams will play in vary among our different age groups.

After the conclusion of the high school and middle school seasons, all Rams FC teams will begin training in preparation for the spring competitive season.  Teams may/will train indoors two times per week with one being reserved for the club wide Academy program, integrating the Rams FC players with those from the URI men’s soccer program who act as clinicians and demonstrators. The additional indoor session is used for team training until weather permits teams to train outdoors. During this time teams may choose to play in indoor leagues or tournaments by utilizing a competitive budget allocated by the club treasurer which can be utilized through out the year.

Rams FC teams compete in:

• NECSL (New England Club Soccer League) – https://www.thenecsl.com/

• Local and Regional Tournaments

• Regional and National showcase Tournaments

How do I know if my child should try out for Rams FC?

Tryouts are open to any player who loves the game and is prepared to commit to learning and developing as a person and player. Families who are comfortable with the commitment and philosophy of the Rams FC will could find this to be a perfect situation for their child.

How are players chosen for Rams FC?

Rams FC provides a series of tryouts during the month of June for all those who are interested.  Players are asked to attend all the sessions in order to get the best evaluation possible. Occasionally players are added during the season, dependent on availability of roster spots.  Every player who tries out is afforded a qualified look by the coaches in that age group in consultation with the Director of Coaching and President of Rams FC.

What if I have other questions?

Please contact us via our Contact page